About us

Our company

HILCO LLC exclusively represents Hilarius Haarlem Holland BV (HILCO), the Netherlands in Armenia offering a complete range of consumables for welding and soldering. Our greatest strength consists in the diversity of our product range. A spectrum from unalloyed to high-alloyed materials: stainless steels, high strength alloys, non-ferrous, aluminium and their respective alloy grades. 
All chemically right consumables, tested and considered as reliable by both our customers and internationally renowned classification institutes like: Lloyds Register of Shipping, ABS, DNV, TuV and others.

We are in all aspects your ideal partner for new construction and manufacturing projects as well as for repair & maintenance. The highly specialised nature of these tasks requires distinctive approaches, which we cover with our extensive know-how, experience and complete range of products.

Hilarius has a tradition in servicing customers in over 100 countries in the world. This has resulted in strong partnerships with welders, welding engineers, purchasing managers, field technicians, construction & production managers. The registered brand name HILCO, in combination with the powerful green colour, is the keystone of our success. The famous five letters, their typical type casting is the icon for recognizing our quality products and unparalleled service. 
If you are satisfied - we are satisfied - that is our mission. We are the smile behind the welder!